Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Layout & Other News

We've decided to try out a new lay out. Still have some kinks to work out but not too shabby. Have you gotten a chance to stop by our store  yet =)??? If not please do.. www.etsy.com/shop/randrswristcandy We think you'll be pleased with the different handmade styles we have and very satisfied with our prices. There are so many people into handmade jewelry these days and its truly amazing to see the different designs everyone comes up with. It's great how creative people can be. We like to think of our shop as different amongst the others. After you stop by we hope you agree.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday were very successful and we made a lot of new friends/customers.  Coming up soon we will be going to sell at our very first Arts & Craft Fair. We have yet to participate in this type of venue and we are super excited. We will continue to post on line and create new pieces for both our online shop and the upcoming Arts & Crafts event. Christmas is less than a month away so business is coming pretty fast and we are producing just as fast. If you are looking for some gorgeous items for your family, friends, loved ones or coworkers you should really come by our shop for affordable yet unique bracelets that will surely impress everyone on your list this year.  Hope you all have a great week! Please follow us on Twitter @RRWRISTCANDY  and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/randrswristcandy  . My sister and I appreciate your support =)

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