Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Beaded Bracelet Bonaza

 At R&R's Wrist Candy we specialize in designing the perfect bracelets to match everyone's style. Our site is prodominitately  beaded bracelets but we do dibble and dabble in other styles as well. The beaded bracelet is a piece of jewelry that will never go out of style. Today it is very popular amongst celebrities in fashion and in turn everyone has picked up on the trend. Here are a few artist who are sporting the fad with style :
The Dream sports his beaded bracelets in a photo.

Taylor Swift shows off her beaded adornments in a photo.

Diddy causally wears his to a sports event.

Kim Kardashian rocks her wristcandy on a day out

Carmen Electra wears her beaded bracelets on a night out.
The beauty about Beaded Bracelets is that they come in so many different styles that its easy to be creative with them. If you are shopping for beaded bracelets right now you find a lot of shops that cater to this particualar line of jewlery. The down side to having so many options is the variance in actual design. A lot of shops are going for the chunky,blingy style and sticking to that.They also are going to be a bit overpriced because of the popular demand. We at R&R's Wrist Candy like to have a pleathora of beaded bracelets for you to choose from at a price you can be satisfied with. We got you covered from the blingy to the simple and chic. Here a few examples of what we have to offer. Stop by our shop today and try us out. =)


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