Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Grammys: Our Two Cents

Well we are about a day late from the Post Grammy Fashion Critiques and such, but we thought we'd throw our two cents in there anyways. We just want to highlight our personal favorite divas and gents of the evening. Let us start with Katy. Loved the pea green dress with what looks like an embellished collar ( could be a necklace, not too sure) the dress didn't neccessarily need the open cleavage. We all know she is pretty well endowed so she could have tucked the girls away for an evening. Oh well she is Katy Perry after all. Next, we have RiRi. Loved the red flowing dress but hated the wig. She looked stunning but when your wig is inching further and further to the back of your head then thats when you say "forget it, I'll rock my own hair tonight" We would have definitely appreciated the signature Rihanna pixie cut. Moving on to Ms. Rowland. This dress was very sexy and she was giving us curves for days. There really isn't much to say about improvement here. Kelly is just getting better and better with age. As most of us women hope too. Good Job Kelly! Beyonce felt that pants would be appropriate for the event. While we had hoped for more, she could probably have worn a garbage bag and looked Fab! She was criticized harshly for wearing barely anything at the Super bowl and then criticized for covering that gorgeous bod for the Grammys. A damned if you do, damned if you don't type situation. Finally, we have Jenny from the Block. Always amazing and we are dying for those legs. We liked her dress choice but not so much the hair. We would have preferred to see her luscious locks flowing as she gave us her thigh walking across the stage. The ladies did pretty well and these beautiful artist never seem to fail to give us something to talk about. Onto the men. Justin brought the Sexy Back with his Suit & Tie and we loved every bit of it. He typically keeps it sexy and classy at most events he shows up too but Sunday night he gave us sexy, classy and suave with his slick back hair- do and old school suit. Flawless and we just can't wait to see what else he has in store for the music industry this year=)!!
We most certainly have to take note to one of Atlanta's upcoming international singers Votte Hall. He attended the Grammys this past Sunday as well. Looking just as dapper as ever. Votte is a smooth R&B talent that we know will be receiving awards across the same stage in the near future. He has performed along side numerous R&B and Rap Artist, from Ashanti, Fabolous and Jadakiss just to name a few. Make sure to follow Votte on Twitter @VotteHall for the most up to date peformance listings and appearances!
We love the Grammys, we love fashion, and this year the artist really brought us some great (and not so great) ensembles to talk about.

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