Monday, March 18, 2013

Bizzy Bizzy Busy

Hi Everyone. We have been neglecting our blog if you didn't already know. This month has been pretty busy thus far. Business wise and Life Wise.  Nevertheless, we are keeping our head above water.....until we go to Miami at the end of the month.  So this past wknd we scored a lot of great sales and with that means lots of creating ,packing and shipping to do.  This upcoming weekend we are going to another Art&Crafts Show. We are definitely excited. Hopefully we make a decent amount of pocket change for our trip. =)  I even ordered us some really cute leopard chairs to sit at our table with. It will be an indoor/outside  event so hopefully the weather is great because we will be outside.   On Friday Kohl's decided to give me $10 for free and when people give you money for free its best to take it and run! lol Anyways, I bought a neon striped hoodie for Ari , a pair of blinged flip flops for the beach and a cute blouse. A couple of wks a go I was accidently watching Kourtney and Kim take Miami and I noticed tht Kourtney had a colorful and cute blouse on. So when I seen this one at Kohls I felt (Kourtney Inspired)  Here's a few examples of the Fashionista in her blouse choices.

And here's the one I got from Kohls

A little Hawaiian but will look super cute with black pants and paired with gold accessories. Very chic!
We have a lot to do in the next 2 wks but the key is to breathe, focus and enjoy! The reward will be sitting on the beaches of Miami sipping frozen Margaritas with our girls and enjoying having nothing to do for a few days.♥

This is the lastest bracelet style we created this past weekend. I just love the bow. I will definitely be making myself a set of this adorable wristcandy! Now Available online


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