Monday, April 29, 2013

Much Ado About Mondays

Hello friends☺

It’s dreaded Monday again. Don’t worry only 4 more days until Friday.  What’s new with us?  Well as I mentioned last post, Reisha will be graduating and coming home next Sunday. So  we’ll probably have a nice family dinner for her to celebrate her achievements. I am searching for a new car because my hunk of junk is beyond classic at this point lol. Hoping to get a small SUV like a Rav 4 and so the boyfriend has been helping me look. I hope that in the next few weeks I’ll be an owner of a car in this decade for once.  *joy* In R&R’s Wrist Candy news, tomorrow is the LAST day to enjoy $1.00 Shipping. So if you haven’t stopped by yet, today would be a great day. We have lots of new clearance items marked down to help reduce some of our inventory. Of course, there are some new items listed from this past weekend’s creations so check those out as well.  



Try to Have a Great Monday!♥

Hello from my ♥baby♥

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