Monday, May 6, 2013

Check Yourself, Do You Respect Yourself?

Good Morning.. Happy Monday… all of that good stuff. Hope everyone enjoyed this past weekend. With Fight Night and Cinco de Mayo I’m sure there was plenty to get into. Unfortunately for us it rained the whole entire weekend and put a damper on wanting to commute in that type of weather. So we just relaxed and cleaned up. *don’t be jealous* In other news… upon arriving to work this gloomy Monday morning a topic really was bothering me.  That topic is Workplace Attire.  Every office is different and has different guidelines as to what is appropriate for that workplace and what is not. At my 8 to 5  we have a “business causal” tone. To me, “business causal” means a nice pair of pants and a nice shirt or blouse with flats or heels. 

 However, some people think that dress pants and platform flip-flops and t-shirts are business casual.  When it gets to the point where some people are dressed accordingly and others are dressed like slobs… then the company should enforce uniforms. Perhaps making their employees wear a polo with khakis.  I am all about individuality and being able to express yourself through fashion BUUUTT I also believe that everyone should be on one accord when it comes to representing the business where you work.  Flip flops are not ok

. Dingy & sloppy dress pants are not ok (etc).  In addition, personal hygiene is very important when working in ANY office. I know not everyone is a morning person and that some people are really pressed for time in getting ready and out the door.  BUUUTTT  respect and love yourself enough to take 5 minute to run a comb and brush through your hair in the morning. You should WANT to represent yourself in the most respectful manner when working with others and that includes your appearance.  I don’t have time” really just means “I don’t care”.  We all have mornings where we start wrong and everything is just falling to pieces before we can even walk out the door. I suggest if you have these type of mornings everyday to try at least preparing your work attire before bed. That way when you wake up you spend less time searching through your closet or laundry room.   Looking decent, approachable, responsible, work appropriate and CLEAN is not hard to do. A little thought, time and effort goes a lonnng way..   WORK ATTIRE PSA.


Well not that I’ve got that off my chest… We will be having tons of new items listed this week so stay tuned.  =)

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