Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable time this past holiday. We have been super busy with shopping for Christmas gifts, working and fulfilling orders. We have lots of great new accessories in store for 2014, so stay tuned.  Besides business goals, I have a few personal goals I’d like to get done before the year end. They involve health, love, spirituality and wealth.  I won’t list them all because I am a firm believer in the  don’t talk about it , be about it movement My personal favorite moment of the holiday was the joy my daughter felt when she saw her first kitchen play set. She was estatic!  Here are a few pics from the holidays and some new wrist candies we’ve added to our store. Be sure to stop by and pick yourself up something nice to start the year off right ♥

Ari the Night Before Christmas in her Minnie Mouse Nightgown

Michael Kors matching wallet for my purse in a nice caprisun box lol!

Little Blurry but Ari's Christmas Dress

Nice Relaxing Days off and mornings with Ari

My Love and I on NYE, he was thrilled to take this picture lol



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