Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Bright New Year

A Bright New Years

Edie Parker vintage purse


Paillettenkleid Gelb

Pink and Orange

Everyone loves to bring out the black, red , gold or silver sequins for the New Year festivities. But why not try bright sequins! Mix and match fun popping hues with sparkles and glitter to really make a statement that night. Don't forgot to stock your clutch with whats important:
1. Lip Gloss/Stick
2. Gum, preferably whitening, picture will be uploaded!
3. Fast Flats- these are a godsend! 
4. Money ...duh 
5. Small designer perfume to freshen up throughout the night

A lot can happen before the countdown and you want to be prepared for each minute of the night!

Fuschia & Gold Beaded Bracelet by R & R's Wristcandy 
$7 USD

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