Sunday, December 16, 2012

Prayers for Sandy Hook Elementary

We just wanted to take a few words to mention the unbelivably heartbreaking tragedy that occurred this past Friday 12/14/2012. My sister and I live in GA but we were born and raised in CT and this really struck close to home. Our heart just shatters at the thought of all the innocent lives that were taken and it just leaves us in complete disbelief.  It is sickening to think about something like that happened in our society but we are hearing crazier and crazier stories every few months it seems. In times like this the most important thing to do is keep your faith and love one another. Tomorrow is never promised and we all need to appreciate the people we have in our lives every single day. Our thoughts and prayers are with these families and the town of Newtown. In a few days we will be making bracelets in memorial of this tragedy. All proceeds will be donated to the Sandy Hook Elementary PTA. Stay tune for that and show your support to the victims and their loved ones <3

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