Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who are the R 's ?

We wanted to dedicate a blog or two to tell you more about who we are exactly. I’ll Start!

I make up one of the “R”s in R&R’s Wrist Candy and my name is Rachelle. I am 29 years old and I am the older sister.

                        I have a 1 and ½ year old daughter named Arielle            
                                                  and a boyfriend named Frank
 I graduated from the University of CT in 2006 as a psych major and I currently live in GA working 8 to 5 as an Accounts Payable Clerk. It is not the most exciting job in the world but if you are like most of us these days, paying the bills is necessary. I am a Leo( but not in a bad way) lol. Meaning I am not the flashy , bossy demanding type of Leo. I am more of the quiet, humble and strong headed kind.
 I have a extreme passion for leopard print. Leopard is the new Black. It will never really go out of style. I’m not so far gone that I have leopard car seats or anything ....but I would say about 75% of my possessions are leopard print.
  My obsession for accessories started with earrings. I just could not leave a store without buying a pair of earrings. To me no outfit is fully complete without them. In fact, I cannot stand leaving the house period with out my earrings on. My sister and I have always been crafty children. From paper dolls to embroidery floss bracelets, you name it, we’ve tried to make it when we were kids. We have still continued to experiment with all kinds of crafts as we got older. We are both small framed women and so our wrist are pretty small. It is always frustrating going to the store and seeing a great bracelet or bangle, trying it on, only for it to slide down your entire arm. Not cute and not what it is intended for I’m sure. So my sister and I thought we’d take our skills to the beads. Beaded Stretch Bracelets are for just about everyone. They are really fashionable and will never go out of style. There are so many things and design options you can do with these type of beads and we try to stay on top and beyond them all. I personally love the beaded beads because it allows me to put my since of style in each one I create.
 We like to focus on creating pieces that are not only gorgeous but will suite different taste. We started selling our bracelets on line this past July and it has really been a great experience to share with my sister. We are really enjoying the feedback we are receiving and are looking into many different jewelry ideas to come up with next along with our bracelets!
Learn about the other half of R&R's in our next post soon to come =)

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