Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Monday

It's Monday Ya'll 

Well this past weekend Reisha came home to visit and see her little niece (my daughter ..duh) Ari

 and to make bracelets of course. We filled an order that was placed a few days ago and made a few other pieces for the shop.

  I was really excited to get my neon beads in this weeknd so I just had to use them. I also tried my hand at making earrings. I love jewelry period but earrings will always hold a place in my heart. The better I get at making earrings the more that may appear in our shop =)  Hopefully this week goes by pretty fast and is productive as well. Reisha and I and our friends are going to Miami in March so my goal is to kick this little mommy tummy and successfully gain J-Lo abs.......

 lolol... I know but anything could happen right. So that means eating better and exercising. This is going on week 3 of a few routines I've been picking up so in a few weeks I should see a little more improvement. Very challenging but exciting too.  This weekend I also decided that I needed to add another nail polish to my 100+ nail polish collection. I went with Essie's "Play Date"

and really liked how it came out. I will probably wear this in Miami =)  Well here are a few of the creations we came up with this weekend. Please stop by our shop and check out our other items up for sale.   Don't forget if you use code VDAY15 at check out you receive 15% off your entire purchase for this month.

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