Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summertime Grind

We'll we're back! Sorry we took so long to update but we have both been very busy these past 2 weeks.  My sister and I now work together not only in creating wrist candies but also at our 8-5 grind. She worked at my company last summer and my supervisor was pleased with her performance and invited her to come back this year in a full time position. I also changed positions at my company so I have been trying to get a grasp of the new working environment and duties. Busy, but thankful. Last weekend my boyfriend and I took a little vacay to Panama City and really had a great time. I needed a little break with all the new happenings around me and so the beach was a great place to relief some stress.  Here are a few shots of my weekend.

Along side from starting her new job, my sister is also working at T.J.Maxx part time to earn more money and save. This has been a pretty busy but successful summer. We still have managed to keep our business up and running and keeping the sales coming. Last week was our one year anniversary for our Online shop ♥ We have really been happy with our business and continue to have lots of ideas for growth. Here are a few of our latest creations. Stop by and spend $10 or more and receive FREE U.S. Shipping just by using Coupon Code: FREE10

Half way through the week everyone enjoy your hump day =)

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