Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekend Recap

Well Hello.. This past holiday weekend turned out to be a total wash out. It rained probably every single day lol. So unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to enjoy the fireworks or any good bbqs. We did however manage to go shopping and bowling. Of course I beat everyone playing.. Either I’m just better or they weren’t good at all lol. JK ♥ I was “Rabbit” by the way.

  My sister and I did get to go try out a new pizza shop that just opened. Its really hard finding a great pizza shop that is as good as Pizza from up north and Uncle Maddios was pretty good. Definitely will eat there again.

  Other than that it was a pretty chillaxing 4 days off. We had an amazing turn out for our last sale so we’ve decided that we will permanently offer Free Domestic Shipping for orders $10 or more . Simply use FREE10 at checkout and there you go. If you haven’t already entered our latest giveaway make sure you stop by and do so. I mean who doesn’t like free jewelry right? Hope everyone had a great time this past holiday weekend and that you make it through the work week struggle =)

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