Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Hump Day

Well it's Wednesday. Not too far from the weekend but this week has been one of those weeks you wish you were laying out in the sun on some beach. (well which week don't you wish that? lol)
Hopefuls for the Weekend:
* Make Bracelets
*More Sleep
* Cleaning
*Good Food
The good stuff.
Mother's Day was very nice. I got a new car from the man.♥♥♥ =) and we spent time with our pretty little angel♥♥♥. It was a nice and relaxing Sunday.

So bittersweet knowing Monday was just around the corner. But we made it through that and only 2 more days to go my friends lol.!!
This week we have a great sale going on until Saturdy 3/18
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