Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Next Top Chef? day

My sister Reisha  (co-creator of R&R's Wrist Candy =) ) loves to cook. Ever since she went to college and had her own apartment she's really come along way. We especially love sharing recipes and cooking together. Even though she can be kind of bossy sometimes ;-)  So I've moved in with my boyfriend recently and have really taken on the full domestication role. Don't get me wrong I was pretty domesticated before the move in being that I am a mother after all lol. But now I really cook a majority of the week and I'm always on Pinterest trying to find new recipes  to switch things up a bit. I make a pasta dish just about every week so this week I thought I'd change it up and make it with chicken.   I started off by frying red and green peppers and onions with butter in a frying pan on medium high. Now I'm no cooking expert so I don't have the measurements or amount of anything I used. lol =) sorry. I'll get better with time  Anyways I chopped up boneless chicken into bit size pieces and added them to the frying pan and continued to  cook until the meat browned and became fully cooked.  While I cooked up the chicken I had my spaghetti sauce going and the penne noodles.  I used  canned sauce by Ragu and added a small can of spaghetti sauce, garlic powder, onion salt, pepper and adobo.  When my mom uses spaghetti sauce from the jar or can she also adds in sugar to sweeten it a bit. I love it that way so I added sugar as well. When every thing was all done I topped my pasta off with parmesan and so be it...dinner was created! And it was delicious =)  

Here are a few pictures from the process lol.... I know pasta is such a delicate procedure so try to follow along ;-)  

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